Even In The Quietest Moments: Shower thoughts

Even In The Quietest Moments: Shower thoughts

Idea for a movie: A time traveling refugee from the 1990s is stuck in another era and must try to blend in, but is found out when it is discovered he knows how to correctly pronounce the names Shania, Tyra, and Demi.

Geezer Butler, bassist for the band Black Sabbath, came up with the idea for heavy metal music when the band drove past a movie theater showing a horror film, and there was a ticket line up the block. He thought to himself that if people like so much to be scared, what if he wrote music that was like a horror movie?

So, I wonder… what would the world be like today if the band had taken a different route, and driven past an X-rated theater instead?

What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but must use WordPress to do it?

Ice cream is made of milk. Cheese is made of milk. Why isn’t there cheese-flavored ice cream?

Tangentially related: why isn’t there cedar flavoring? Think about it. Cedar potato chips.

Say what you will about “intelligent design”, but answer me this: if there is any intelligent force guiding the universe at all, how come we never got a buddy comedy movie starring Margo Martindale and Edie McClurg?

As hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs are called “suits” in a card game, what are stripes and solids called in pool?

Calling them the balls’ “pattern” isn’t really right, “side” or “team” isn’t right either because it doesn’t work if you’re shooting at a table alone, “flavor” is a cop out (“Dude, what flavor did you just sink”?? No way), and calling it “gender” just makes people look at you funny.

It’s driving me nuts.