Album Preview: Ethay Eaday Illstay Eamscray (“The Dead Still Scream”) — Music From The Imaginary Motion Picture

Album Preview: Ethay Eaday Illstay Eamscray (“The Dead Still Scream”) — Music From The Imaginary Motion Picture

Imagine if an esteemed Pig Latin cinema auteur filmed a classic 1970s horror movie entirely in his native tongue.

Then, imagine that I, at that time, had not been entirely preoccupied with my second-grade studies and unavailable to travel, and instead had left to see the world and insinuated my 8-year-old self among the cream of the European progressive musical vanguard, from among whom I was plucked by that filmmaker and tasked with composing a vintage electronic/progressive score to that movie.

Now, imagine that this score was subsequently lost in legal limbo due to years of rights litigation, highly sought-after by bootleg collectors and attaining mythic status among film-music aficionados but otherwise languishing unreleased and unknown, until finally unearthed to see release as an official soundtrack album in the 2020s, with the now-decrepit 1970s tape masters given a pristine digital restoration, revealing heretofore unheard detail in the landmark effort that would have been most assuredly the highest-regarded avant-electronic 1970s progressive horror movie soundtrack to ever be created by an 8-year-old.

These audio files are work-in-progress demos, finished but awaiting final production and mastering, for what will eventually be what that legendary soundtrack album, had it existed, would have been.

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In 1976, an acclaimed Pig Latin filmmaker never made what would have been his sole career excursion into the horror genre, a terrifying supernatural thriller released internationally under the title “Ethay Eadday Illstay Eamscray” which would have been an instant classic and revolutionized horror movies for decades to come. Remaining unfilmed entirely in Pig Latin, this unmade genre milestone subsequently didn’t turn the simple child’s language game of Pig Latin from an amusement into a global symbol of fear, dread, and thrilling entertainment.

Beyond the mere fact of the landmark horror film not having been made, also being in America at the time and entirely preoccupied with my studies in Mrs. Beekman’s 2nd grade class, your humble writer was never tapped to compose a soundtrack for the nonexistent film. And thus it came to pass that in the 1970s I never crafted an original prog film score eclectically drawing from elements of rock, classical music, avant-garde electronics, and experimental jazz, which stood alone as a classic in its own right.However, had that legendary film been made, and had I been tapped to compose that score for it, then this album would have been that classic score.

Or, rather, it eventually will have had been, upon completion of the present effort, which still awaits final production, mastering and sequencing.

However, until then, enjoy this current set of files: the work-in-progress demos for the groundbreaking original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the imaginary horror masterpiece, “Ethay Eadday Illstay Eamscray” — or, as it never was remembered and beloved by generations of horror film fans in America, where cultural isolation an ocean away would have left audiences less open to the fictitious international Pig Latin cinema movement (had it existed), known simply as: “The Dead Still Scream”.

Michael Kupietz
May-June 2020

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Eyondbay ethay actfay ofway ethay ilmfay evernay eingbay ademay , additionallyway eingbay inway Americaway atway ethay imetay, andway entirelyway eoccupiedpray ithway ymay udiesstay inway Mrsay. Eekman’sbay 2nday adegray assclay, ouryay umblehay iterwray asway evernay appedtay otay omposecay away oundtracksay orfay ethay ilmfay, andway usthay evernay aftedcray anway originalway 1970say ogpray orescay eclecticallyway awingdray omfray elementsway ofway ockray, assicalclay usicmay, avantway-ardegay electronicsway, andway experimentalway azzjay, ichwhay oodstay aloneway asway away assicclay inway itsway ownway ightray.

Oweverhay: adhay atthay egendarylay ilmfay eenbay ademay, andway adhay Iway eenbay appedtay otay omposecay away orescay orfay itway, enthay isthay ouldway avehay eenbay atthay orescay.

Orway, itway eventuallyway illway avehay adhay eenbay, uponway ompletioncay ofway ethay esentpray effortway, ichwhay illstay awaitsway inalfay roductionpay, asteringmay andway equencingsay.

Oweverhay, untilway enthay, enjoyway isthay urrentcay etsay ofway ilesfay: ethay orkway-inway-ogresspray emosday orfay ethay oundbreakinggray originalway Otionmay Icturepay Oundtracksay ofway ethay imaginaryway orrorhay asterpiecemay, “Ethay Eadday Illstay Eamscray” — orway, asway itway evernay asway ememberedray andway elovedbay ybay enerationsgay ofway orrorhay ilmfay ansfay inway Americaway, erewhay ulturalcay isolationway anway oceanway awayway eftlay audiencesway esslay openway otay ethay ictitiousf internationalway Igpay Atinlay inemacay ovementmay, implysay: “The Dead Still Scream”.

Ichaelmay Upietzkay
Aymay-Unejay 0202ay

The second playlist contains bonus tracks and outtakes. / Ethay econdsay aylistplay ontainscay onusbay ackstray andway outtakesway.

“The Dead Still Scream” Soundtrack work-in-progress preview
Bonus Playlist: Outtakes, Original Demos, and Alternate Mixes

(Note: Due to limitations of WordPress’s playlist feature, some tracks above are misnumbered. The tracks erroneously numbered as 6, 7, and 8 on the main album should all be numbered 6. The tracks numbered 9 through 17 are tracks 7 through 15.)