Social Mediocrity:
Kwitter, the one-user social network

Social Mediocrity: Kwitter, the one-user social network

I quit Twitter a while back, and sometimes even just glancing at FB consumes a full day, so I have no outlet for my amusing social-media-worthy passing thoughts, except to just think them privately to myself. And that’s so 20th century.

So this page is my new one-person social network, “Kwitter”, a place to post thoughts, which I call “kwits”. Anyone who I am is invited to register and post.

It is my hope that if I live a good and virtuous life, then, upon my death, I will be admitted into a place where it will finally be explained to me how it happens that I wake up to find: my air fryer, two different laptops, an external hard drive, an Apple phone, an Apple tablet, and an Amazon tablet, which are mostly not connected to each other and are spread among several building electrical circuits, and all of which were fine last night, all either now turning on and off by themselves or suddenly had all their settings erased, at the same time.
Did my apartment get hit with a tiny EMP? Did someone break in overnight and run through messing with my stuff? I'm in no particular rush to depart this plane, but I have to admit: I'm looking forward to hearing the explanation for this one.
EDIT: Wait. Literally right after I hit 'Publish' on this, my father sent me a text message... with an animated GIF in it. Perhaps it's all a case of Conservation Of ... I dunno... something.
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