Album Preview:
Five Themes In Uncertain Times v.0.89.05

Album Preview: Five Themes In Uncertain Times v.0.89.05

Posted with great reluctance, my perpetually unfinished magnum opus, likely to someday stand as my failed masterpiece, a ponderous 65-minute arabesque of serialist post-rock instrumentals which, after 7 ongoing years of work and no end in sight, is at this point holding up the completion of 8 subsequent albums.

I wouldn’t make a recommendation as to whether anybody should listen to this or not. This isn’t actually intended for anyone to listen to, this one in particular I’m really just making to suit myself, writing it for its own sake. You’re welcome to check it out, but that’s as far in as I’ll welcome you.

Some degree of patience may be of help to those who do care to venture into it, because it does something longer, quieter, and more deliberate than it may at first seem. Or tries to, at any rate. It’s not intended for active or critical listening. So, if you do give it a listen, I recommend you please try to disregard any ancillary experience of enjoying it or not. That’s not what it’s about, at all. If you find as you listen to it that you’re liking it or disliking it, just turn it off, and maybe try again some other time.

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. You can’t get there from here.

This is presented here as a single audio file, but the tracks are:
0:00 Terminal Prelude: Let’s start getting this over with (1:53)
1:54 Theme No. 1 – After Hours, The Metronomes Unwind (4:56)
6:50 Theme No. 2 – The Cadavers’ Pavane (9:40)
16:30 Theme No. 3 – For Martha, Real Or Imagined (An Air for Wind Quartet, String Bass, and Friends) (14:16)
30:46 Theme No. 4 – Aubade (4:04)
34:50 Theme No. 5 – Finnegans Woke / Premonition (30:41)