Album Preview:
गोल्डन यात्रा • The Golden Yatra

Album Preview: गोल्डन यात्रा • The Golden Yatra

This one is finished except for the final production and mastering… it needs some studio gloss on it.

This a a drone album I did in early 2023. I created the basic audio for this with the wonderful Bento analog synthesis emulator, then arranged and produced it in my hated enemy Logic Pro.

Unlike a lot of my music, I would actually present this as worth a listen, for anyone open to things this far from conventional musical ideas. Dim the lights, put your headphones on, and drift downstream through my inner space for 45 minutes. You may like it or you may not, I never would have expected to. I certainly wouldn’t ever have thought that a 45 minute piece of music with only one note could be engaging all the way through, and especially not hold up to repeated listening. But I’m pleased to say it really came out exactly as I had hoped and every time I listen to it I’m extremely content with it.

I didn’t expect to ever do a drone piece. I don’t listen to drone or minimalism. But, sometimes, music writes itself and just takes me along for the ride. In a very abstract, general way, this album actually accomplishes a lot of what I hope to do in music. Most of my music (most people’s, probably) is fundamentally meant to pick you up at point “A” and drop you off at point “B”; somehow I think this still does that very well, even without much sensation of motion anywhere along the way.

Fun trivia fact: The working title for this album was “Michael E. Kupietz – Drones On (And On, And On, And On…)”.