Digital Single:
Yiki·dū·sō (A Dream)

Yiki·dū·sō (A Dream) digital single by Mike Kupietz cover
cover jpg

This digital 0″, originally hosted on my Bandcamp page, contains a track that sat unfinished on my hard drive for far too long, now finally having had the burrs filed off and rough edges sanded down for safe general listening. It’s an experimental techno sample manipulation exercise exploring the text of a meme video that went viral about 10 years ago.

I got some nice kudos for this piece when Intelligent Arts, an organization publishing ebooks on music and technology run by the late composer Joel Chadabe, an old mentor of mine, included it in a series of online articles on “Word Music / Text-Sound”, the use of spoken words as a component in musical compositions, alongside pieces from luminaries such as Steve Reich and Kurt Schwitters.

Also included in the digital single is a “cannibal hypnotica remix”, with different burrs and rough edges added back on to it, based stylistically on a newer work-in-progress album of post-techno mechanistic textural linear sound arrangements I’ve tentatively entitled “Hypnotical Cannibals”. Actually I might like the remix better than the original, but, whatever.